As a Bride or Couples, the first thing you will need to do on arrival at your chosen starting point and 'First to Visit Venue' (see our showcasing venues), is to obtain for yourself a Noosa Wedding Bridal Bag (FROM THE VENUE DISK JOCKEY). Inside the bag you will find your FERRY VOUCHER (for 2), a MUD MAP, BUS & FERRY Timetables and our NEW Edition 2016/17 Noosa Weddings Directory booklet.


Noosa Weddings Trail Weekend Stay


  • Before Sunday, research which venues and suppliers you would like to see /meet
  • Free all day park at either Noosa Springs Golf & Spa Resort, Noosa Convention & Exhibition Centre, or Noosa Marina.  From 1 p.m. there will be free parking near South Pacific Resort & Spa
  • For the Noosa Springs Golf & Resort Spa starting point, view our BUS 1 timetable.
  • For Noosa Convention & Exhibition Centre, or Noosa Marina parking, seek out your Noosa Weddings Bridal Bag at either the Noosa Convention Centre or the River Deck Restaurant, (from 10 a.m.), and look out for your Ferry Voucher and BUS 3 timetable
  • If joining us on the 3.30 p.m. 'Ferry Tour for Couples', you MUST book (on the day only), so give them a call...
  • View the Sunday Ferry Timetable to make the most of your hop-on-hop-off all day voucher

Heart of Noosa Starting Point

  • If choosing your starting point from Hastings Street, we recommend paid parking at Bay Village, off Noosa Parade, Noosa Heads, or free parking at the Noosa Heads Lions park, if available.
  • Start your trail day at either the Sofitel Noosa Pacific Resort, or Peppers Noosa Resort
  • View our Bus and Ferry timetables to assist with planning.
  • Make sure you obtain your Noosa Weddings Bridal bag from the DJ at either of the above Venue's  (from 10 am), and check your Ferry voucher (Sunday timetable applies for the hop-on-hop-off all day voucher).
  • If joining us for the 3.30 p.m. 'Ferry Tour for Couples', you MUST book (on the day only), so don't forget, give them a call...


Saturday 6th August 2016

View Visit Noosa to experience the activities available to our guests for our wedding weekend

Study the Resorts and Venues available for weddings in Noosa - see our Directory

Dine at a venue I am considering for my wedding day

Plan Sunday!

Sunday 7th August 2016 

10 a.m.                        Arrive at .................................................

11 a.m.

12 noon

1 p.m.

2 p.m.

3 p.m.                        3.15 p.m. Booked couples to board the Ferry at Noosa Marina (have we booked ?)

4 p.m.

5 p.m.                      5-5.15 Return to Noosa Marina, enjoy fireworks, visit the River Deck Restaurant

6 p.m.                      Enjoy Dinner at the Noosa Marina



Before the Wedding Trail Day, take a good look at our Venues, Suppliers, Timetables and Options, see which Resorts and suppliers are most important to you.  This is such a BIG day, that you need to plan to be able to fit in all of the venues and resorts in the one day.  You might like to take a Weekend Package at one of our Resorts, and have a look around on the 6th August, to see what wedding options interest you the most! .....See our Showcasing Resorts to choose an accommodation package that suits you.